Below is a small list of frequent questions and answers.

Q.What music do you have?

A. I have a large libary of music well over 15,000,000. I use three methods music downloaded into laptop, a paid subscription to a dj internet database, and Spotify premium.

Q. Why does a DJ cost so much for 3-4 hours of work?

A. There are many hours spent on behind the scenes work. Updating the music library, checking equipment, set up and tear down, the cost of equipment, phone calls, emails, meeting, the event itself, fuel cost. Monthly paid subscriptions to DJ music sites, advertising , website

Q. All DJ's do is play music right?

A. Some events call for that yes. But for a wedding or a party of any sort the DJ needs to interact with the crowd to help make it fun and get the crowd dancing. I include fun interactive crowd singing, games and shows in all my events if clients want them..

Q. Do DJ's use an ipod or two to run music?

A. While some DJ's do show up with just that, I believe that this is not professional. Its one thing to use it as a back up in case the laptop crashes. Or use a smart phone to use it as a hot spot for internet for the internet data bases out there for DJ's . But not to run a whole event.

Q. Why wont you eat?

A. I do not know how it ever got started that the DJ and others that your paying to be there get a dinner at weddings and such. I feel it is not right, You are paying said person to work and that includes during dinner. We are not there to eat and relax. Again this is just my way of doing business.