With Your event DJ RJ you are getting only the best,  We meet with all our clients to make  sure your event is the best it can be, we go over all the details that are important to you. We also offer suggestions on items you may not of thought of.


1st. To make sure your event is the best it possible can be at a reasonable price.

2nd. For your referral, over 90% of our business is by referral.

About me:

I was born and raised in the music business. I worked in many local music stores, been in many local bands and have done many DJ events. It has given me a passion for all music from the great oldies and swing, to today's top hits in all genre's and everything in between. 

I feel that its important to have such love for music so when Uncle X or Grandma Y comes up to me and they say. "Hey do you know the song that goes......" I can say yes its......and it will be coming on soon for you.

I  get the crowds dancing and having a great time with out being a loud obnoxious DJ.I interact with the crowd in a subtle fun way. I feel its better to have the crowd feel they want to dance then have to. I offer many different fun things to do at an event that I know make people smile and have an awesome time. I only hire DJs that I personally know, and that I know will do the same great job at your event that I would .

About my company :

Your Event DJ RJ is named that  for a reason. It's about YOUR EVENT. We are not there to hear the music we want to listen to, do the things we want to, or even eat at your event.

(Still do not know how that ever came about, How at weddings / events that  DJ's  and other paid professionals get paid to eat... blows my mind... sorry little rant..). We are paid to work your event and that's what we do.

We take requests and encourage it at every event unless told other wise. We also ask for a list of favorite songs well in advance of the event from the guest(s) of honor to make sure he /she has a great time.

Thank you for considering and  using our services as your event DJ.

RJ Nieman

About Your Event DJ RJ